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News Bulletins

We broadcast 24/7/365 UK Wide News and Weather bulletins at the top of the hour and, occasionally, at the half hour. We also broadcast Sports, Business and Showbiz News at multiple times of the day.

News Suppliers

Radio News Hub.


We are broadcasting 24/7 from our studios with a majority number of the hours presented live or “as live” and other programs coming from syndicated productions and prerecorded shows. “As live” is where the presenter has pre-recorded their commentary but may not necessarily be in the studio when the programme is broadcast.

Our schedule can be found here.

Station Contact Details

Find all the ways you can contact us here.

Event Coverage and Health and Wellness Support

CareSound Radio broadcasts a large variety of public health information messages throughout its entire programming and supports St Johnstone FC by providing live commentary of every home game to the users of their ADC (Audio Description Commentary) system at McDiarmid Park.

We also provide occasional commentary and entertainment for local charity events.


Our playlist is a broad range of music from many genres, automatically adapted to the time of the day and days of the week, with specialist music programmes through different times of the day. Check our schedule here.


To lodge a complaint, please email If you prefer to write to us, our address is here.

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