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Members normally attend CareSound Radio on the same day(s) each week.

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DDA Compliance


Please supply the names and addresses of two referees who have known you for some time.

Your refences must not be members of your family.


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Health & Safety

We must hold an emergency contact for every member of our organization.

Previous Convictions

You are not obliged to declare any convictions which may be regarded as spent under the Rehabilitation Of Offenders Act 1974.
However, because of the nature of voluntary work, a criminal record check may be undertaken and failure to disclose any relevant offences could result in us being unable to consider you further.

You will be privately invited to submit details of the convictions and any other information which you believe to be relevant.
These will be considered by three senior members of the organisation's committee in confidence.
Minor offences are not necessarily a bar to membership.


The information I supplied is, to the best of my knowledge, correct.
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