How it started…

With a group of seasoned broadcasting professionals in charge, you would think that (re)launching a station that has been broadcasting for almost 35 years would just be a matter of an afternoon’s meeting, a few ideas thrown around and a memo to circulate.

If you were here, what you would be witnessing is days of hard work, hours of complex discussions, dozens of decisions and many suppliers to find, assess, commission and chase. Obsessive combing of every fine aspect to find every gotcha while keeping an overarching perspective of the big picture, zooming in and out of a photo that you are lovingly retouching.

Not to make a fine point of it, but building a new radio station while another is still running 24/7 on the same tools, hardware, software and presenters is like building a racing car in the middle of a racetrack during a 24-hour race. It is a buzz, but it’s fraught with – let’s be polite – difficulties.

Like a swan floating majestically across a lake, its glistening candid plumage and head held high, all looks serene and unperturbed. But if you peer just under the surface, you will see two webbed feet frantically paddling left and right, swirls of water rustling up mud from the bottom. We make it look easy. It isn’t.

This is what launching CareSound Radio is for all of us: an adventure in a faraway place using all of the skills we honed closer to home. We will get most of it right, but something will go horribly wrong. However, as the seasoned professionals that we are, we will make it sound like we meant it. And maybe we did: because perfection is boring.

…and where we are going.
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